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Visiting aids

Unaccompanied visitors to the Hôtel de Caumont are provided with a free audio guide in French, English and Spanish on their arrival. It provides information on the private mansion’s history, architecture, and gardens, and more thematic information. Available in 2 langagues: French and English. 

The audio guide of the exhibition (in French and English - €4,50) offers a guided tour of the exhibition with the commentary on 20 works of art. 

To discover the Hôtel de Caumont, a free booklet is available on your admission. Available in 2 langagues: French and English.

An activity book is available free for children aged 7 to 12 on admission to every Culturespaces site. It helps them to learn while they're enjoying themselves, and discover a historic site in a fun way, through various games and puzzles. They will be accompanied throughout their visit by Hugo and Lea, two mischievous children who travel around France to visit Culturespaces sites.

The visit application

For visitors with a smartphone, download the visit application on your mobile now and enjoy 2 tours: "Permanent Collection" and "Temporary Exhibition".

The "permanent collection tour" contains a 35-minute guided tour to explore the Hôtel de Caumont and its finest works. Free tour.

The "temporary exhibition tour" allows you to discover the major works of the exhibition through some twenty audio comments.  Parcours payant 2,49 €

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